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The role of the psyche

By Dr. Marco Franceschini

Infertility causes a deep trauma on people’s identities and can throw their whole lives out of their normal course. One feels a sense of shame, loneliness and emptiness and suffers a loss—somehow like bereavement. In these cases, it is helpful to rely on a structure that can care for them. Initially, the couple suffers a real trauma—a shock. The fact that a couple should rely on medical help to have children throws their assumptions and hopes out of the normal course. Some authors claim that this leads to types of mourning, a lasting and recurrent one. The lasting one is the one the couple feels with every menstruation.

Some couples, after an unsuccessful try in an artificial fertilization centre, proceed to another centre. Nevertheless, they never reflect for a moment at their attempt to become parents. The procedure of grief, therefore, has to do with the imaginary child.

It is necessary to reconsider and open the mind to new life experiences and creativity. In addition, sexual intensity may decrease; most important, it loses its playful and relational characteristics because the goal of this activity becomes merely the achievement of a pregnancy.

Infertility may lead to severe depression. On-time remedy is, thus, very important. The experts’ assistance before treatment is essential, and it should be continued during and after.

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