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CROSSBEESTM – A vision became reality

Cross-border reproductive care (CBRC) is the term recommended by the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) in order to describe the phenomenon of people crossing borders in order to undergo reproductive treatment. Numerous reasons lead people to such a step; among the most important, one can consider legal restrictions in one’s own land, longer waiting times, financial costs and expected differences in quality.

People following this procedure have the strong will of bees. Just like the bees of a hive, which can fly up to 90,000 miles to gather a kilo of honey (which equals three times the circumference of the globe), these people are persistent and very intelligent. In Europe, it is esteemed that more than 40,000 CROSSBEES exist every year.


We, the CROSSBEESTM, assist these people. We help people optimize their treatment options abroad. On one hand, we provide them with advice and acts, and on the other, we support them in enhancing their quality management in the clinics they choose for their care. A “good” clinic or one that speaks a foreign language is not enough; a verified infrastructure is necessary, as well as developed quality management and cultural adaptation.


In recent years, we have assisted thousands of patients to their way towards their desired child and have worked with different clinics. Each clinic has its strong and weak points; not every one of them is suitable for all kinds of patients. We help patients choose a clinic and supervise their care.


Dr. Marina Salvi has broadened our team since 2014. A sincere friendship and a successful cooperation link us. It is a great joy to proceed together on new projects. We have plenty to do in the future. We would like, first of all, to broaden our network and provide clinics more effective quality management with our know-how. We want to create transparency for the patients; at the same time, we want to form central data banks on the reasonable harmonization of care in Europe. The data will be gathered and clinics will be subject to registration. The rights of patients will be enforced, and the Committees for Ethics between countries will find a common denominator. We want care to be affordable and accessible to everybody.


This, and much more, is part of our agenda. We will achieve nothing exclusively by our efforts; however, we will contribute to what is built piece by piece.


It is a great honour for me to welcome you to CROSSBEESTM. I thank you for your trust. We will do everything we can to be helpful in the fulfillment of your wishes.

Anastasia Paraskou


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CROSSBEES™ offers healthcare consultancy services to those seeking treatment and to clinics offering it and in this website, we have put together some basics around infertility and the legislative environment around Europe.


We aim to contribute both to Infertility Treatment and Fertility Planning and to make a difference for future generations by providing education and disseminating information.

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