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Legislative situation in Greece

In Greece, assisted reproduction is regulated by law 3305/2005 (previously by 3089/2002).

The most important provisions are:

  •  The age limit for treatment for women is 50 years old.
  •  Single women may be treated.
  •  Unmarried couples may be treated.
  •  Unmarried couples and single women must sign a notarial act before treatment.
  •  Married couples should present a copy of their marriage certificate.
  •  STDs (HIV, Hep B and C, and syphilis) are compulsory.
  •  HIV-positive patients may be treated after special permission by the control authority in specially equipped laboratories.
  •  Pre-implantation diagnosis is permitted.
  •  Sex selection is permitted only in cases of hereditary diseases.
  •  Sperm, oocyte and embryo donation are permitted and performed completely anonymously.
  •  Sperm donation age limit is 40.
  •  The use of fresh, donated sperm is strictly forbidden.
  •  Oocyte donators may be up to 35 years old.
  •  Although a financial reimbursement for the donor is not permitted, donors may receive an allowance for donation costs.
  •  Surrogate motherhood is permitted as long as the corresponding indications are assessed. Conditions include: The surrogate mother may not donate her own oocytes and should undergo medical and psychological tests. The pregnancy may be not based on financial interests; however, an allowance for expenses is permitted. A court must approve the treatment before it begins.
  •  The duration of embryos’ cryopreservation is five years. This period may be extended for five more years (provided that the woman’s age limit is not exceeded). After this period expires, the genetic material may become available for medical research, donated or destroyed.
  •  Cloning for reproduction purposes is strictly forbidden.
  •  Greek legislation permits post-mortem fertilization under specific circumstances.

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