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Information on data protection

Information on data protection

The privacy of your personal data is important to us. According to the EU Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO), we are obliged to inform you for what purpose we collect, store or pass on data. The information also tells you what rights you have with regard to data protection.

1.     Responsible for data processing

Anastasia Paraskou

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

2.     The Purpose of Data Processing

The data will be processed in accordance with legal requirements in order to fulfil your treatment between you and the treating clinic or doctor and the associated obligations.

For this purpose we process your personal data, in particular your health data. These include medical history, diagnoses, therapy suggestions and findings, treatment protocols, laboratory findings, protocols from previous treatments that doctors collect. For these purposes, your or other physicians with whom you are under treatment or with whom you wish to receive treatment may also make data available to us (e.g. physician's letter). We forward such findings or letters and thus coordinate your treatment on your behalf and with your consent.

3.     Recipients of your data

We will only transfer your personal data to third parties if this is permitted by law or if you have given your consent. Our email correspondence is sufficient as consent.

The recipients of your data may be, in particular, assisted reproduction clinics, genetic institutes or other experts in assisted reproduction, as well as notaries who must be involved in assisted reproduction (according to Greek legislation, a notarial deed may have to be drawn up before treatment begins). In emergencies we forward your data to hospitals. Your data will be forwarded to other third parties (such as lawyers, in the event of legal disputes) only upon your separate written instruction. We do not forward any data to health insurance companies, health insurance companies, medical associations or private medical clearing houses.

In individual cases, data are transmitted to other authorised recipients.

We treat couples as a unit, which means that if you present yourself for treatment as a couple (and this by a copy of the marriage certificate or by presenting it to a notary) and if necessary separate later, you must inform us in writing if the divorced partner is no longer allowed to receive any data (such as invoices). Otherwise we reserve the right to exchange data with both partners on an equal basis. In the event of separation, it is important that you also inform the clinic treating you, especially if genetic material is still available (such as cryopreserved embryos).

4.     How We Store Your Information

We will only keep your personal data for as long as is necessary to carry out the treatment. We are obliged to keep the data for 10 years.

5.     Your rights

You have the right to obtain information about your personal data. You can also request the correction of incorrect data.

In addition, under certain conditions, you have the right to have your data deleted, the right to restrict data processing and the right to data transferability.

Your data will be processed on the basis of legal regulations. Only in exceptional cases do we require your separate consent. In these cases you have the right to revoke your consent for future processing.

You also have the right to complain to the competent supervisory authority for data protection if you believe that the processing of your personal data is not lawful.

6.     Disclaimer

We forward your data at your request (e.g. to the treating clinic and within the scope of your treatment), but are not responsible for the data protection regulations of the respective recipients. We assume no responsibility for proper data processing on the part of the recipient. We have each recipient of your data confirm that the data protection policies are being observed, but have no further insight into the respective processes.

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