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Treatment abroad

Why abroad?

Reasons for treatment abroad can be envisaged in various ways. They are often connected to strict legislation in one’s homeland, which limits treatment methods or hinders access to treatment (in many countries, singles or unmarried couples may have no insurance claims).

Many go abroad because of quality. Like all medical branches, in the world of reproduction, clinics or doctors attract patients from the entire globe thanks to their reputation.

Cost is often a further decision criterion because costs abroad are often much lower than back home.

In the next pages, we explain treatment abroad step-by-step (Greece, in this case).

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CROSSBEES™ offers healthcare consultancy services to those seeking treatment and to clinics offering it and in this website, we have put together some basics around infertility and the legislative environment around Europe.


We aim to contribute both to Infertility Treatment and Fertility Planning and to make a difference for future generations by providing education and disseminating information.

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