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Donation programmes include the option of sperm, oocyte and embryo donation. For many couples who cannot have children by other means, it is their last hope to have a biological child, if not a genetic one.

The first pregnancy that resulted from oocyte donation occurred back in 1984. Nowadays, it is a quite promising treatment method in a great number of cases, such as POF, genetic disorders, severe endometriosis, low-quality oocytes and after chemotherapy. The donation of genetic material is permitted in Greece. According to Greek law, donation should remain absolutely anonymous. Couples take what they require from sperm, oocyte or embryo donation. The latter is also called “prenatal adoption”. These embryos are derived from both a male and female donor. In oocyte donation in the “fresh cycle”, the cycles of the donor and the recipient are synchronized.

The oocytes of the donor are taken and fertilized by the sperm of the partner. The resulting embryos are transferred into the uterus of the recipient a few days later. This can also be achieved with a vitrified oocytes treatment. In this case, oocytes from the bank of the clinic are thawed and fertilized by the sperm of the partner. The resulting embryos are inserted into the uterus of the recipient a few days later. Embryo donation mostly involves embryos from a bank or that originate from the couple. Donation success rates are very high, mainly due to the age of the donors, which ensures a high quality of genetic material.

Thus, the general success rate for oocyte donation is 60–70%; for embryo donation, it is 75%. 

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