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Embryo transfer

Embryo transfer is a moment of affection that you should look forward to.


On the days before transfer, you will be informed about the development of your embryos, and on the day of the transfer, you will have a final discussion, including the number of embryos to be transferred.

On the morning of transfer, you will be asked to take progesterone orally (rather than vaginally) to avoid perfumes, lotions and to have lots to drink. The bladder should be half empty for the transfer so the doctor can see the uterus better.

The embryo transfer, per se, lasts a few minutes. Then, you lie down for a few minutes; however, there are no reliable studies suggesting that lying down longer leads to higher rates of pregnancy. Five minutes later, you can empty the bladder. If the bladder is very full, the doctor can empty it immediately after the transfer.

You get a lot of tips for the time after the transfer. However, the principle “all or nothing” is what counts. Thus, lying on the bed for a long time does not play a significant role. You should avoid physical effort for some days and lead a normal life.

We summarized the most important tips for you:

  • The initial five days are critical because implantation takes place. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to influence it. You should only take some breaks and keep on with your medication.
  • You should consult the doctor before taking any other medication.
  • Avoid fever.
  • Avoid infections (avoid swimming pools).
  • Avoid saunas and baths during the initial days. Try to shower at 37 degrees.
  • Sex is permitted, yet it is better to avoid it during the five initial days. Be careful during intercourse, especially with hygiene.
  • You may travel and drive without concern.
  • You may go out that same evening and have a short walk.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking.
  • Try not to drink more than 2–3 cups of coffee daily.
  • Do not stop medication by any means. You should take it, unchanged, until the pregnancy test.
  • It is recommended to measure only the hCG values for 9–14 days after the embryo transfer. Urine tests may lead to false results because hCG values in urine are probably still low.
  • Spotting or bleeding is not always a bad sign! In case of bleeding, first lie down, and then call your doctor or us.
  • Mental strength makes all the difference. During this time, try to avoid important conversations and decisions. Keep cool, live healthy and be optimistic!
  • NO SYMPTOMS really indicate pregnancy. You will have some symptoms, which in reality are side effects of medication.

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