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Surrogate motherhood


In surrogate motherhood, a woman carries out a pregnancy for another woman.

This may often occur, for example, when a woman cannot sustain a pregnancy because of serious medical problems.

Surrogate motherhood is allowed in Greece; however, the surrogate mother may not use her own oocytes (gestational surrogacy). Oocytes of the recipient or an anonymous donor may be used.

A court should grant permission for the treatment after both women are examined. If the surrogate is married, her husband should give his written consent. Surrogacy is permitted for unmarried couples and single women. The age limit for the recipient is 50 years old.

Neither the clinics nor we search for surrogate mothers. Often, they are relatives or acquaintances of the couple, and the clinic becomes active once the surrogate is found. Unlike other countries, there are no agencies in Greece that handle the treatment and search for a surrogate.

Surrogate motherhood is based on altruism, according to Greek legislation. Although the surrogate and the couple should come to a financial agreement, which will be eventually presented to the court before the decision leading to permission, the surrogate should not have financial interests. 

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