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Treatment risks

Assisted reproductive technologies (ART) are, per se, without risk. However, risks still exist and include:

Hyperstimulation (OHSS) (by stimulation)

Ovaries are very sensitive to stimulation and produce too many oocytes. This complication occurs in about 5% of cases.

Tubal or ectopic pregnancy

In a 2.5% of cases, pregnancy occurs out of the uterus. Early detection, performed by ultrasound or definition of hCG, helps.


Similar to a natural pregnancy, there is a 25% risk of miscarriage, which increases with age.

Multiple pregnancies

The risk of multiple pregnancies is higher in ART treatment if several embryos are used.

Infections and bleedings

Infections and bleeding may occur during or after oocyte retrieval. Your doctor will inform you in detail about this and other risks before the beginning of treatment.

Genetic risks

Nobody can exclude that a healthy child will be born. Even though pre-implantation diagnostics is applied, the risk of genetic abnormalities may remain. No investigation can exclude everything and guarantee a healthy child, just as in a natural pregnancy. Illnesses cannot be completely excluded, even with donations.

Technical risks

Technical risks refer to equipment failures, human error, incorrect media, unforeseen disasters and failure in the processing of materials. 

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